Playing Online Roulette

Gods of Luxor Slots

The game of online roulette is very much like its casino analog, with the characteristic wheel and varied number of betting options – as opposed to the relatively limited options available in the other common table games. The three-colored slots that dominate the wheel – which is itself a shade of beige usually – landscape have become synonymous with excitement and anticipation, as it spins to your fate each round, with the spot where the bouncing ball lands determining your fate. Despite its relaxing nature, online roulette has a certain intriguing level of complexity that draws many people to watch it being played, even if they don’t become active participants. This is shown by the numbers; as the calls for the game of roulette are increasing more and more as companies seek to add it to their online repertoire of casino games.

Roulette Rules!

The rules of Roulette have pretty much stayed the same since the French brought it into the mainstream three hundred years ago; predictably, these rules revolve around betting sums. When you begin the game, take advantage of the many perks that online roulette casinos offer you for trying out their game, and gather all of your beginning chips to help you play for much longer than you otherwise would at a real casino, where you probably get nothing on the house. Using these chips, place the bet of your choice by putting a chip on the table of numbers next to the wheel, which mimics the numbers on the wheel –one through thirty six, plus a single zero and a double zero – with the last two figures not really counted as numbers, but as the house edge. Note that this is for the American roulette board; the European board has just the single zero.

When playing online roulette, you need simply apply the same strategy you would use if playing off-line; double number bets are luckier for you, whereas single number bets have worse odds, although you can win more – funny how it always works out that way! After you signal that you’re done by clicking the appropriate button – the onscreen instructions will let you know – then the animated wheel will begin spinning. Wherever the ball lands determines your fate; if it happens to land on the corresponding number you chose; then you can be a big winner.

Playing on Different Boards

Before playing online roulette; make sure you understand that there are different roulette boards, so you can be aware of where you actually stand with probability – especially if you’re playing with cash. There’s the French, American and European roulette boards; the French board may be the hardest to find online at cash-for-play casinos because it’s the one with the worst odds for the house, which means it’s the best for your pockets. The European board is the next best; the American roulette board favors the house the most because of the double zeros figure. This doesn’t mean, however, that you shouldn’t play the American board; many casinos will offer you insane starting chip-matches and bonus cash just to deposit and play the game, running up your winnings if you do happen to strike gold.

There are strategies you can use when playing online roulette that work just as well as the off-line route. The edgier inside bets payout more money if you win; outside bets pay less but are also less risky. Use the strategies commensurate with maximizing our wins with either method just as you would have in a casino; whether you choose to bet straight up, three number-street methods, or other. You will soon find what scores of new people are learning in large numbers every single day – playing online roulette is exciting!