Video Roulette

Whether you’ve ever been able to find the time and money to make it to a casino and play the classic game roulette, or you wish you had, the time has finally arrived to bring the thrilling game right into your home. Video roulette embodies all the fervent characteristics of the game, while affording you the added convenience of being able to play right on your computer, laptop, or even mobile phone. Computer graphics have progressed to the point where the game engines are able to display video roulette and other casino board games with realistic perfection, capturing the dynamics of the spinning table and placing you right in the middle of the action – without the casino-room noise and smoke. Of course, if you like the noise, then that option is readily available.

Benefits of Video Roulette

Just because it’s on a computer, doesn’t mean you will be missing out on the gigantic range of possible permutations and betting options offered naturally by the French table game. The interface mimics real life perfectly, with shadows and lighting exactly where they’re supposed to be. The crispness of Flash video roulette has been lauded by players and critics alike, for its ability to recapture the excitement and thrill you experience inside a real casino while watching the ball bounce and roll to its indeterminate destination. The option to take your game with anywhere where there’s an internet connection can’t be overlooked, either; no need to schedule your day around the closing hours of a physical casino.

The Kinds of Video Roulette

The great thing about playing video roulette – among other things, such as the inherent fun, of course – is that you are seldom restricted in the version of the game you get to play. The American variant is probably the least popular when you shave away all the bonuses and prizes, which can end up making it more than competitive with the other versions. It has two extra numbers in addition to the 36 betting numbers, which gives the casino an advantage over you, above and beyond the probability of winning in the first place. The European version of roulette only has one extra number plus the 36 betting ones, making your chances of winning considerably more. The French version is best of all; for that reason, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a French wheel, since it means the house will lose more frequently. It has the same physical makeup as the European wheel, except with additional advantages for the player such as losing only half your bet instead of the entire thing when you land on zero.

Betting with Video Roulette

While it’s true that video roulette took so long to make its debut online, because of the relative difficulty in adapting the vagaries of the game to a web-based platform, developers have successfully incorporated its many elements to imitate real play. You can play video roulette for free for hours and hours of fun, or up the stakes a bit and place bets on a single number and varying combinations of numbers. Just as in real life, the amount of money you can make from bets varies with the difficulty in actually landing the numbers you chose; so betting on a single will net you 36 coins for every one you play if you win, whereas betting on even will net you half that – although zero and double zero don’t count as even numbers here, as they would in normal mathematics. Just as you understand probabilities in math; you should know that any betting strategy that tries to get specific and predict what comes up next is fraudulent; probability only works because the results are independent of previous spins. So go for general strategies in video roulette that are predicated on patience, discipline, and an understanding that the roll of the ball is random. The only thing you need to arm yourself with to have fun is even less than these: how you come out of video roulette depends on your knowledge of the odds that correspond to each number, their payouts, and the different types of bets. Losing is shifted greatly in your favor; however, winning once can more than make up for a long string of losses, as long as you play with discipline.