How To Play Video Roulette

Even though video roulette is a casino game that has smaller odds of winning than many of the other available options, it is still a very popular option because of the inherent fun and excitement, as well as the substantial rewards if you do happen to win. The only real difference between video roulette and the run-of-the-mill casino roulette is the fact that one is played online, whereas the other is live – with the latter coming obviously at greater expense. Nonetheless, the online version maintains all the fun and chances at financial glory that its brick-and-mortar counterpart boasts, with the welcome difference being that there’s no closing time when you play video roulette on the Web.

Method of Play

After you’ve purchased a stack of chips – unless you’re playing a free version of video roulette; in that case just select a denomination or simply follow the onscreen rules for free play if available. Once you’re logged on and playing, the rules are pretty much the same as playing at a casino live. Usually, you place bets on by putting your chips on the edge of the outside part of the board or table. If you like the odds associated with the video roulette ball landing on any of the numbers in the 1st, 2nd or 3rd group of numbers, then you’ll be playing the outside of the table. For the inside, you’re shooting for the biggest payouts associated with single numbers – although as you would expect, the odds are less in your favor here. Nonetheless, stack your chips on the inside to hone in on a specific number bet. In video roulette; just as in real life roulette, the computer will set the wheel spinning; at which point all betting usually ceases – although this can depend on the casino at times. It differs from the real life scenario where betting is allowed even as the wheel is rolling, up until the dealer says the time for betting is closed. It’s a bit harder to simulate this on a computer; but some casinos with more robust software manage to accomplish the exchange satisfactorily.

Video Roulette Differences

The American version of roulette is a bit harder to win at than the European version; because of the extra presence of a double zero on the former wheel. Unless you’ve specifically bet on the double zero – or the zero, for that matter – then you can’t win if the ball lands on it by the time it stops spinning; this is true in video roulette as in real life. Otherwise, any even number the ball lands on makes you a winner if you’ve bet even; the same goes for odd. As you can see, video roulette doesn’t differ all too much from casinos with physical addresses, other than the few advantages of being able to play without leaving the comfort of your home, as well as being able to play for free.