Roulette Play For Fun

The game of roulette, while quite the draw for those interested in watching, isn’t actually played as often as other casino table games, because it is mathematically harder to win than its contemporaries. This holds true especially in North America, where the wheel has an extra number – the double zero – which isn’t treated as an even number favoring the bet of the player. This slight house advantage is precisely what puts roulette over the edge in terms of your chances of winning, when compared to other casino games, making it more of a spectator game than a participant game when it comes to land-based, U.S. casinos. Online is a different story; however. You can experience roulette play for fun, and get all the benefits that stalwart lovers of the French wheel game experience, without losing the money.

Online Roulette Play

When you go online to play roulette, you can find a reputable casino and download their software to start roulette play for fun, or you can go to an applicable site and play right away. The latter is a game of Flash roulette, which allows you to play right away – no download – in your browser of choice, as long as it supports the widely-available Adobe Flash platform. The great benefit here is that, before you opt for playing roulette for money, you can hone your skills on the American wheel, and learn which of the many different betting strategies works best for you, in the presence of the double zero.

Trying Your Hand at Different Roulette Versions

The European version of roulette is actually competitive with poker, blackjack, and the other casino table games, which is why roulette has such a large following in the countries of the European Union. With the online option of roulette play for fun, you can find European wheels – characterized by the presence of a single zero only, instead of the additional double zero found on American wheels – on which to play, in order to hone your skills and knowledge of all the relevant elements of the game, which of course makes it much easier to play for money, if you later choose to do so. Furthermore, you can compare and contrast any betting strategies on either wheel, in order to gauge which one actually has the higher success rate; despite the fact that the European wheel is inherently luckier. Just keep in mind that many casinos offer incentives not available elsewhere for playing their wheels, such as matched deposits and large bonuses just for playing.

The Online Future of Roulette

Roulette play for fun is growing; and many players are successfully making the transition to playing for cash and prizes after learning about the game by trying their hand at it for free first. You can find it at many online locations; just do an internet search and you’ll be playing roulette well into the night before you know it.