Roulette Strategy

First and foremost, there is no possible guarantee that anyone can give you that you will win a game of roulette; it is a game of chance and luck that statistically favors the House. With that said, there are definitely roulette strategies that maximize your chances to win in the long run, if applied with patience and reserve. The thing to understand about roulette and games of chance in general, is that they all operate under a single, irrefutable mathematical assumption: whatever happens next; has nothing to do with what came before; nor, will whatever comes afterwards, be connected to the present or past. This is a fundamental tenet of probability that can’t be beaten by any system. This; however, doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to potentially win more than the average person randomly throwing around bets over time; there certainly are!

From a Time Long Ago

For over three centuries, roulette strategies have piqued the minds of fervent players and novices alike; no matter what the exact mathematical nature of any particular strategy is, the goal always remains the same: decrease the House advantage; because this leads to a corresponding increase in your own chances of winning. There is no single trick, obviously, that will allow you the player to violate the rules of probability; but there are a few roulette strategies that can bring you more cash than you would normally get if used correctly:

  • The first strategy begins before you actually place a bet and spin the wheel; it involves finding the best land-based or online casinos for roulette out there that offer you bonuses and sign-up deposit benefits, so that you can take full advantage of winning handsomely, should the time come. Because roulette, like just about every game in the casino, is a game of chance, your shot at winning increases the more you play – most people run into the understandable problem of running out of money before they win much, however. With an initial bonus and cash prizes just for signing up, you simply have more money to begin with, and stand to make more than you spend because of the big prizes accorded to winners.
  • Take advantage of free Flash roulette games to hone your roulette strategy, as well as free downloadable casino software trials. This way you can develop a relatively reliable system of placing safe bets, and gauge how well it works for you over time – ideal systems are ones that let you play for as long as possible, thereby increasing the chance you eventually win big. Patience and discipline are the keys to any system, because if you start to go haywire by breaking from your proven system and betting randomly, your chances plummet. The European roulette board is the most favorable, and yet you will lose almost $3 for every $100 bet you down every single number you bet on. So random is not the way to go, because winning isn’t guaranteed at all.
  • Opt for roulette strategies that place a strong emphasis on making outside bets, where the number combinations are more favorable.
  • The two hundred year old Martingale roulette strategy is a double your bet strategy that geared for those that can handle short-term success, without getting too antsy and playing far into the night, where it is virtually guaranteed to make you lose up to the table maximum, since you’re siphoning off your cash at twice the rate. It tends to maximize your odds, and so is a favored roulette strategy by the more disciplined player with a moderate amount of cash on hand. It’s worth it to try the Martingale roulette strategy at a free-play site before playing for cash.

Things to Consider

Because roulette is a game of chance; and in fact, the worst game of chance in the casino as far as American casinos are concerned, it doesn’t do to keep switching numbers if the ones in your current strategy aren’t quite working for you. Roulette strategies may seem to vary widely, but most of them are all of the same general character; stick to your favorable numbers and manage your bet amounts in order to stay in the game long enough to – hopefully – win!