Best Roulette Numbers

Just because roulette is an exciting game of chance, doesn’t mean there aren’t any ways you can maximize your chances of coming away a winner; all it requires are strategy, patience and discipline – as well as a few general rules understanding what the important number combinations are.

American vs. European Roulette Tables

Of course; making a strategy to choose the best roulette numbers depends on where you’re playing. For example, the European roulette table is comprised of 37 numbers in total; which entails 37 possibilities when it comes to the combinations you can get. Because this is a game of probability, it adheres to the rules of mathematical probability; most importantly, that no number combination that follows depends on the number combinations that came before. Don’t ever try to assume that because you got a certain number combo on a previous spin, it means you’ll get a predictable one on the next. The able always a greater chance of winning than you do; but you can maximize your chance to take full advantage of the 2.7% allocation you have on the European table (the House has a 97.3% chance at winning; or, equivalently, at causing you to lose).

Roulette Odds

On the American table, the House advantage is slightly larger, meaning that your chances of winning are slightly worse because of the presence of an extra number on the roulette wheel; although some American roulette tables assume the European format. Either way, there are no best numbers to play for either table; just better strategies based on trends. For example, about five numbers will double the first 25 times you spin the wheel; which means that if you can keep your eye on the table and accurately count how many have doubled as it spins; you’ll notice that an average of 20 numbers emerge a single time; avoid these numbers for the five that double.

With the above knowledge, you can make a note and separate the numbers into two distinct sections: the 20 numbers that have come out once, and the five that have doubled. OF course; this isn’t a guarantee of winning; but it is a guarantee of throwing the odds in your favor than if you had no valid pattern at all. It’s a statistical fact that if you play enough times with this strategy; your winnings will on average be higher than if you had not.

Things to consider about Roulette Numbers

Because Roulette is a game of chance and you need methods that maximize your chances; you should try no to bet on single numbers, even though they have the biggest payout. Obviously, if you are a high roller with a lot of cash to burn, you can probably play for long enough to feel confident you might win – but how long is that, really? By opting for double bets on two numbers, your payout goes from 1:35 to 1:17; but it is much more assured when using the rules above for choosing best roulette numbers by watching the doubles that emerge after your first few spins.

Most experts know that the best bet odds are payouts that are even, with odds of 1:1; whereas the worst odds come with single numbers as well as five numbers.