Clearing Your Roulette Bonus

Should roulette be your favorite casino game then you will find a stunning amount of online roulette bonuses available to you. Many casinos will offer you the chance to deposit and get a generous amount on top that gives you plenty of free cash to take to the roulette table. You will not get this in land based casinos as with roulette, when played correctly, the house edge is far too low and by offering bonuses the land based establishment will cut into their own potential profit. However with online casinos having fewer overheads they can afford to do it, and they most certainly do. However as with any other bonus, a roulette bonus will of course come with terms and conditions, and they will include playthrough and wagering requirements that you the roulette player, must meet in order to clear your bonus and make your funds available for withdrawal.

Roulette Strategy for Clearing Your Bonus

You will need to look at the terms and conditions of the bonus, and whether it’s part of a casino welcome bonus or a special table games bonus you will find the wagering requirements in there. Don’t be put off when you see the large numbers thrown around, and don’t think that you can’t clear the bonus, because with sensible play it is easily achieved. In the terms and conditions you will find something that states you must rollover your deposit plus your bonus amount by a number of times and usually that number is anything between 15 and 30 although on larger bonuses you may see it as high as 50.

Example of Roulette Bonus and Clearing The Cash

Let’s take an example of a typical online roulette bonus. There is a roulette bonus available for 100% up to a maximum of $100 and you accept it. You deposit $100 and take the $100 on top giving you a total of $200 to take to the roulette table. There is a playthrough amount on the bonus of x15, so this means you have to wager 15 x 200 (a total of $3,000) to clear the bonus. Sound like a lot doesn’t it? It is a lot of money however let’s take a few things into consideration first. Breaking things down $3,000 is only 300 $10 bets or 600 $5.00 bets...that sounds a little better now, right? Online roulette is a fast paced game and it’s not like in a land based casino where you are waiting around for other players to place their bets and for the croupier to get ready, as the wheel spins whenever you have placed your wagers and are good to go. To clear the bonus it will not take you a great deal of time as that amount of wagers can be made very quickly and there are a few things that you should be doing.

Choose to play European roulette wherever possible as the single zero on the wheel brings that house edge down to somewhere around 2.7% and that is well beatable. To clear the bonus make outside bets, those that offer even money. On all of these types of bets the only way you will lose is when the ball lands on zero...that does happen of course but only around 1 in 36 times. Stick to your guns and do not be tempted to places inside bets, which are bets on numbers, as they have a much less chance of providing you with a win. Keep your mind focused on what you are actually trying to do and that is clear the bonus. You are playing to win of course, but by clearing the bonus first by playing a simple straightforward game you are then leaving your self with double the money and you may then play as you wish with plenty of extra free cash.