Video Roulette Tips

When it comes to the riveting game of roulette, with the elegant wooden brown, gold-plated wheel and neat table rows of betting numbers, it can be tempting to think there are “magic” ways of winning, or systems that can somehow beat the game and release untold riches to the player. For a legitimate machine that hasn’t been rigged in some way, this is simply impossible. The fact is that, even if a certain color on the wheel has occurred twenty times in a row; the next color that comes up has no bearing whatsoever on this. As strange as that may seem, it is mathematically true. With that said, however; there are definitely video roulette tips that can help your chances when playing online – or even in the club or casino. Consider these video roulette tips:

  • Because roulette has lower odds of winning for the player, if you’re playing using cash, it is necessary to ascertain what it is you wish to gain from playing, exactly. Is it because the game is decidedly more fun than craps, blackjack or poker? In the American version of roulette, the odds are worse than these other roulette table games. Are you an especially disciplined player, such that you can stick to strategies that require patience in order to win the big returns that betting on single numbers in video roulette can yield (36:1, etc)? If you want love only the chime of coins, then you might be better off playing slots. If you depend on your ability to read faces and twitches to win, then poker is the game for you. Otherwise, the first tip is to try video roulette only if you can discern that it’s a game that suits your temperament.
  • The second video roulette tip is emotion management. You can and should hope for your number to come up – otherwise, why are you betting on that one in the first place – but you shouldn’t expect it to. Big difference. Remember; roulette is a game of chance, and this extends to the video realm just as much as the casino. Some of the most successful, consistent players of roulette acknowledge that their approach is to play roulette like a video game, where you’re spending coins to play without expectation of reward. Any winnings are then treated as bonuses!
  • Know when to quit! You’re never guaranteed to win (or lose, in fact) with the very next hand in video roulette; no matter how good a roll you feel you’re on. If you’ve taken losses, stop playing before it becomes too many losses and it affects your day-to-day life and ability to pay bills. After all; you wouldn’t play Arcade games until you could no longer pay rent, would you?

Now for a few nitty-gritty details of strategy; these video roulette tips are geared towards those that have mastered the previous tips.

  • There are just three kinds of roulette tables that should concern you: the American, European and specific French wheels. They last two have the same odds of winning; the first one has poorer odds for you the player; as such, avoid American roulette unless the casino offering it is incentive-laden. The European wheel is attractive because the House advantage is comparable to the other casino table games, which means that the very fun game of roulette now becomes a game where you can actually have a fair expectation of winning as frequently as you would in those. The French wheel is even better; but it’s rarely offered in online video roulette form because of this.
  • Look for online casinos with promotional gifts; such as the ones that will match your deposit dollar-for-dollar or with something similar. Bonuses that you collect at the end of a winning round are also welcome; you’ll usually find these offers at online casinos that offer American roulette so that this version can compete with European video roulette and French.
  • Employ the stratagem of double bets, which can be especially lucrative on an online video European roulette wheel because of the en part rule, which doesn’t cause you to lose all of your money when you land on zero; you are simply “imprisoned”, and can get out of jail if your next spin is successful.

That’s it for video roulette tips; keep in mind the odds against which you’re playing – and don’t forget to have fun!