Random Jackpots at Palace of Chance: What Are They

Every slots game you play online has the potential to pay out a jackpot. However there is more to some slots games than you might think. Over at the Palace of Chance they have a variety of casino games on offer, and some of these have random jackpots. Let’s discover more about them now so you will know where they are and why you should focus on them.

How can you find these games?

It’s actually pretty easy – you just need to go to the Casino Games tab on the menu at the top of any page of the website. Once you’ve clicked on that you’ll see a selection of options to choose from on the next page. These run down the left hand side, and one of these options highlights the random jackpot games.

What are the random jackpots?

These are different to the main game jackpots you can get for achieving a certain line up of symbols on the reels. As such these ones will be indicated in the ‘view pays’ screen or somewhere similar. Random jackpots are different. There could be one or more of them assigned to a particular game. They will always appear on the main game screen though. For example Loch Ness Loot, a five-reel slots game, has a minor and major jackpot alongside the regular chances to win in the game. You won’t know how or when these jackpots could be triggered, which is why they are random. However you can always see exactly how much the minor and major jackpots are worth in each case.

Do all random jackpot games have more than one random jackpot available?

No, it all depends on the individual game. Some have just the one available. Others, such as the one mentioned here, have two. A few actually have three, each bearing a different name. If you trigger the right combination of symbols on the reels you could end up winning one of the available jackpots. You won’t win two or more with the same combination though – each one requires a different combo to be won.

Look for more random jackpots at Palace of Chance today!

Palace of Chance is a great online casino to try if you want to grab some random jackpot opportunities. Since all the games are in one area you can enjoy being able to find some great chances for random jackpots here.